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October 2020 Marque2Pro -Detailing and Valet service

Coating Farm Swindon - Accredited Ceramic Detailer.

Why have you car valeted?

Is it actually worth having your vehicle valeted or detailed by a professional - Yes it is.

Everyone knows when buying a car, one of the first things to think about is the maintenance it will require. Mechanically, every car is different. However, there is one service that is universally needed among all cars, and that is the maintenance of its surfaces: Detailing! It is essential for the condition of your car whether you are keeping it for a short time, or until the wheels fall off.

Detailing is more than a car wash: It is a white premier service where great care is taken. A roadside car wash is a production line where the paint is assaulted with brushes that have cleaned every other car, and produces more damage than you can imagine.

A proper detailing preserves the surfaces as the paint, glass, wheels, seats, carpets, and the dashboard are finished off with protectant. This protectant guards against attack from dashboard paint-staining tar and leaves, clearcoat-eating bird droppings and bug splatter, and even paint scratches and interior spills.

A proper detail is recommended every four months to remove the dirt and bonded contaminants that sit and fester on the paint. This dirt, combined with time, compromises integrity causing the paint to peel, rust to form, and in extreme cases: cause the wheels to weaken from the corrosive asbestos dust brakes produce.

The benefits of having your car valeted by a professional:

Your does not just transport you from place to place. It is also

an investment that has to be maintained with great care. Time constraints and family commitments will prevent you from finding the time to clean your car at home even if you have enough energy and motivation. If you want to maintain your vehicle in prime condition on a consistent basis, it is imperative to take the help of the best car detailers in your locality. Using a cheap car wash may offer temporary results but in the long run it is only as good as doing it yourself and will not provide the care and consideration a professional detailer will.

Today car cleaning and polishing services offered by companies are popularly referred to

as car detailing. Professionals definitely score over individual car owners and cheap car

wash services when it comes to improving and maintaining cars in various aspects.

Knowledge on the subject: As compared to individual owners, professional car

detailers have an in-depth technical understanding and experience on each and

every aspect of finishing cars to perfection. Professional car detailers have the right equipment, experience and materials to do the job.

Time availability: Cleaning cars is their career and the best professional detailers spend

hours to complete a typical detailing job depending on the services you opt for, especially if you need a machine polish and ceramic finish, a technique we at Marque2 specialise in.

On-going service support: Anytime you face the need to get your car back to its

original, sparkling show room clean shape, you can contact professional car detailers. The best

detailers offer exceptional after care and service support.

Protection with paint: Expert car detailers know exactly how to ensure that your car

looks brand new by improving the look of your high quality paintwork.

A result-oriented service: By choosing the best professional car cleaner in your area,

you can be assured of high quality results at an affordable price.

Giving your car a fresh lease of life with rejuvenated paint: Professionals know exactly how to remove or reduce existing etching, scratches, swirls and fading using Machine polishing techniques. They make sure that your vehicle remains in great condition for

a long time to come.

Stunning finish with quality detailing: Look at any detailed car and you will certainly

be impressed with the amazing finish. Even if you have been looking after your car

regularly, there will be a marked difference and your car will look better after being

through a professional car cleaning service.

Ease of maintenance: A car that has been detailed by professionals has a slick exterior

that does not attract dirt and dust. The sparklingly clean exterior is a result of

extensive protective treatments and decontamination procedures. This makes

maintenance very easy as the car tends to stay clean for longer periods of time.

Keeping your car in immaculate condition: By opting for professional car detailing

services, you give your car long term protection. Professionals remove contaminants

that eat into the chrome, leather, paint and vinyl. They also seal the areas preventing

further contamination ensuring that your car remains in top condition.

Hand over the responsibility of keeping your car in great condition to professional car

detailing services and retain the value of your vehicle. Whenever you wish to sell your car,

you can be sure it will stand above the rest.

Ceramic coatings are another paint protectant. These coatings are not like wax, they are far superior. Your grandfather waxed his Morris, but ceramic coatings are today’s technology. They go on thin, by hand, and cure to the paint forming a protective boundary able to be measured with a paint gauge. This semi-permanent layer of protection is much more impermeable than a wax or sealant. It is strong enough to protect the paint from scratches and last more than two years. These are “wax on steroids” due to their technology, strength, and ability to repel and release dirt.

Marque2pro Valeting and Detailing

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