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Ceramic Coatings

Glass Kit


  • 6+ Months protection on windscreens
  • 12+ Months protection on side glass
  • Mega Glass Clean polish 250ml
  • Polish applicator
  • Glass Guard 200ml
  • Suede applicator

Ceramic King


  • 9H Hardness (Scratch resistance)

  • Two years protection

  • Weatherproof in 2 hours

  • Easy application

  • Apply to paint, wheels and plastics

  • Incredible shine and gloss

  • At least two cars per 50ml bottle

Ceramic King is one of the best enthusiast/professional ceramic coatings on the market.

This next generation coating can be applied in temperatures down to 5° or up to 35° Celsius.

Because of its unique composition, Ceramic King is weatherproof in just 2 hours.

This coating also provides 2 years of full protection and because of it’s quick drying time, is easily applied outdoors.

Ideal for anyone who works outdoors, even more so the mobile detailer or valeter.

Full application instructions enclosed with every bottle.

In the trade already and wanting to trade up? Aqua Coat Pro

Mega Glass Clean removes all embedded contaminants from your exterior glass. Leaving a silky smooth, clean surface for the next step.

Glass Guard ceramic coating is then applied, leaving a 9H hydrophobic layer.
Where possible leave to cure for 60 minutes before exposing to rain.

You can expect 6+ months protection on a windscreen and 12+ months on side and rear glass.

Glass Guard has been independently tested to help increase visibility whilst driving. This improves reaction times and stopping distances by 1 second in heavy rain situations.

You can purchase more Glass Guard separately in either 60ml or 200ml sizes.

A truly unique product that contains Nano Capsules that break down with rubbing action and bind to the surface.

Can be used on other surfaces as well such as: ceramic or glass tiles, porcelain and your shower cubicle!

Bodyguard Glass Coat is our standard DIY Ceramic Coating.

Can be used as a stand alone coating or as a “sacrificial” layer on already coated vehicles.

3 months durability and 7H hardness makes it the ideal topper after a maintenance wash.

Used by anyone, whether a DIY enthusiasts or professional, super quick, super easy.

Simple spray on, buff off formula thus making it ideal for cars, bikes, caravans and boats.

Suitable for Paint, Glass, Aluminium and Chrome.

Check out our Biker Kit with everything needed to apply a 12 month coating to your ride.​

Bodyguard Ceramic Coat has 12 months protection and is ideal for the DIY enthusiast or Professional user.

With a 125° bead angle and 9H hardness, Bodyguard Ceramic is ideal for cars, motorbikes, caravans and boats.

In other words just about anyone can benefit from this product.

Can be applied using an applicator block or with supplied trigger spray. Once applied simply buff off to a brilliant shine with a plush microfibre cloth.

Fully cured within 60 minutes thus invaluable to those who have to work outdoors.

Superb water beading and gloss is achieved with minimum effort.

Aqua Coat Pro

Price on Application.

  • Accredited Detailer Only**

  • 2 hour air dried patented technology.

  • 3 Year protection

  • 9H Hardness

  • Easy application

  • 30ml Bottle


**Can only be applied by an Accredited Detailer 

Aqua Coat Pro is a Professional 9H Ceramic Coating with patented “Air Dry” technology that has a 2 hour drying time.

It is highly recommended for Professional Detailers and Valeters and is available to those who are part of our Accredited Detailer network.

Very cost effective with at least 2 cars per bottle (vehicle size dependant) it has a unique slickness never before experienced in a ceramic coating.

This incredible ceramic coating has to be seen and used to be believed and is one of the very best single layer coatings available on the market today.

G1 Coat


  • 9H hardness

  • 12 months protection

  • Easy application and removal

  • DIY enthusiast recommended

  • For paint, plastics and wheels

Ceramic Queen


  • All in one product

  • For paint, glass, leather, plastic, fabric & aluminium.

  • Used as stand alone or sacrificial layer.

  • 125° Water bead angle.

  • 6 month protection.

  • Can be used on fabrics.

  • Spray and Buff formula.

Mega Glass Clean


  • Organic nano disk Glass Polish

  • Use prior to applying our Glass Guard

  • Unique deep clean applicator supplied

  • Removes light swirls and scratches

  • Removes unsightly water etching

  • Easy on / off formula

  • Does NOT mark rubber or plastic trim

Glass Guard


  • Glass Guard is the latest technology (Si02) single layer glass coating.

  • Up to 6 months per application on windscreen

  • Up to 12 months per application on side windows.

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Contains NANO CAPSULES to bind to surface.

  • Great for windscreens, shower booths, mirrors, porcelain, granite or ceramic tiles.

  • Available in this 200ml bottle or smaller 60ml size.

Suede Applicator


  • Extremely safe application block for use with all of our ceramic coatings.

  • 3 Months protection

  • Excellent as a coating topper

  • Can be used as stand alone coating

  • Easy spray on buff off formula

  • Ideal for awkward areas, Motorcycles etc.

Body Guard Glass Coat


Bodyguard Ceramic


  • 9H Hardness

  • Easy application and removal

  • 12 Months protection

  • Ideal for awkward spots, motorcycles etc

  • Super high gloss and shine

450gsm MF (Micro Fibre) Cloth


G1 Coat has been completely re-engineered for 2019 and is an easy to apply ceramic coating that gives 9H hardness.

It has a 125° bead angle, a full 12 months protection and is ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

Can be used on paintwork, plastics and wheels.

Our Suede Applicator Blocks are ideal for applying G1 Coat and Plush Microfibre Cloths for removing it.

Ceramic Queen is a premium DIY and professional ceramic coating giving 6 months protection.

It can work as a stand alone coating or as a ‘sacrificial’ layer for previously ceramic coated vehicles.

If used as a ‘sacrificial’ layer it increases the bead angle and durability of the existing coating.

Above all, Ceramic Queen is versatile and thus can be used on vehicle interiors.

Materials such as leather, vinyl, wood, acrylics and plastics can all be protected.

7H Hard with easy spray on buff off application.

Check out our Bodyguard Ceramic Coat for 12 months protection.

Mega Glass Clean is an organic nano-disc glass polish from Coating Farm Ceramics.

It is capable of removing light swirls and scratches whilst leaving a perfectly clean and smooth surface.

A perfect accompaniment to the application of our Glass Guard ceramic glass coating.

It comes with a unique application block for deep cleaning glass surfaces. Apply liberally to the block and work over the entire area until an even coverage is achieved.

Once the product has dried, remove the residue with a Microfibre Cloth. If any residue remains, use a damp microfibre cloth to remove it and buff dry.

Does NOT mark rubber or plastic trim. If any polish gets on rubbers or plastic trim, simply wipe away with damp microfibre cloth.

Extremely easy to apply professional quality ceramic glass coating.

Use it on all your automotive glass especially the windscreen with “no blade judder“.

Water is simply shed away from the glass whilst in motion and in most cases when stationary as well.

Glass Guard has been independently tested to help increase visibility whilst driving. This improves reaction times and stopping distances by 1 second in heavy rain situations.

Available in this 200ml bottle or a smaller 60ml bottle.

A truly unique product that contains Nano Capsules that break down with rubbing action and bind to the surface.

Can be used on other surfaces as well such as: ceramic or glass tiles, porcelain and your shower cubicle!

  • 16″ x 16″ (41cm x 41cm)

  • 100% Korean Made

  • 70/30 Blend

  • Edgeless Design

Biker Kit


  • 150ml Bodyguard Ceramic Coat

  • 250ml IPA Solution

  • 4 x Microfibre Cloths

  • 2 x Applicator Blocks

The Coating Farm Ceramics custom Biker kit.

If you want to keep your ride in top condition, this is for you.

Everything you need to ceramic coat your bike is included, just wash, dry and you’re ready to apply.

A full 12 months protection for your ride that’s easier to apply than any wax.

The Bodyguard Ceramic Coat can be applied to everything including plastics, wheels and exhaust.

This kit is also great for for the serious cyclist, whether road or mountain bike.

You can top up your supply of Bodyguard Ceramic HERE.

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Alpha Coat Prime

  • 10h Scratch Resistance, SGS Certificated.

  • Up to 5 Year Durability.

  • Highly Chemical Resistant.

  • Anti Pollution.

  • Extreme Gloss.

  • Accredited Detailer applied only.

Accredited Detailer Application Only**


The Alpha Coat series is one of the first coating to be certified for 10H hardness by SGS.


It shows incomparable quality amongst not only single layers, but multiple layers as well.


It has incredible chemical resistance, anti-pollution, gloss, sleekness and water-repellency.


The Alpha Coat Prime derived from Aqua Coat Prime and has long-lasting anti-pollution and scratch resistant.

Aston Martin Vantage
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