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Interior deep clean, fabric, facia and leather ceramic protection. 

3 to 6 hours

Prices from £60 to £250.00

The final price will be confirmed following a visual inspection and level of interior clean required.

  • Full Interior cleanse

  • Hoovering

  • Dusted

  • Trims cleaned (Scrubbed if required)

  • Fabrics and leather cleaned

  • Headliner wipe clean

  • Steam clean interior (If required)

  • Ceramic can be applied to all aspects of the interior

(price subject to amount of protection required)

  • Improved Resilience

  • Hydrophobic Effect

  • Wear and Tear Resistance

  • Resists Spills & Stains

  • Keeps Fibers Spotless

Our fabric and leather ceramic Queen application provides solutions for vehicle fabrics and leathers. From coatings that are used in the before market (during the manufacturing process) to coatings that are used in the aftermarket (after production) by consumers.  The coatings can turn ordinary fabrics into performance materials. Our coatings do not harden the cloth or leather, nor changes colour of the coated surface, and still allows air to flow in and out of the fabric, allowing allowing the material to breath.
Porsche Cayanne - Marque2pro
Toyota Marque2pro
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