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January 2021 Marque2Pro -Detailing and Valet service

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Does your car need a blow dry?

It's not that your car has hair that needs styling.

Touchless drying.

It is important to dry your car after it is washed; in fact it is one of the most important parts of the car valeting business. Some people will leave their car to air dry which will leave residual contamination from the water, even fresh tap water as there has been over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK top water. The contamination of water is reflected or parallel to the level of contamination in our surrounding environment. Any contaminants in our water are the result of human life in the environment and what we do in that environment. Our tap water is treated with chemicals and the amount of chemicals that are used to kill bacteria’s and other nasty microorganisms is a LOT!

Some of the chemicals added to our water includes (does not include airborn contaminants).

Liquified chlorine

Sodium silicofluoride

Aluminium sulphate

Fluorosilicic acid

Calcium hydroxide

The end result is residual contamination with the natural minerals in the water will not evaporate during an air dry. It can be said that you can still enjoy the benefits of a deep clean however you won’t get that truly perfect sparkle unless you dry it as soon after the wash as possible.

In some areas, these deposits can also harm your car’s paint job. Some of the compounds in water that get left behind can degrade the paint over time—you aren’t likely to start seeing damages after just one wash, but a life time of air drying could leave behind calcium and minerals that ruin the surface of your vehicle.

Why not use a chamois or microfiber cloth to dry your car?

After a car wash, there may be small particles of dirt and other items in the air that work into the cloth. Wiping movements will only scrape those particles over the paint and produce marring that will damage the paintwork.

Dust and dirt can become trapped in the long, absorbent fibres of drying cloths and can cause scratches when the towel is rubbed over the paint. The edges of cloths can cause marks as the towel is 'whipped' back and forth. Synthetic chamois can be ineffective in soaking up water and natural chamois can remove wax protection.

The advantages of Blow Drying.

So what is the answer; we at Marque2Valeting use an air dryer to dry the car, yes it will take longer than using conventional towels etc., - nothing touches the paint - and that is always a good thing. As we have mentioned previously even the softest towels can leave light swirl marks behind, and the swirls get worse every time you dry the car. The hot air can also push water out of crevices. Yes, it takes longer, but in the right circumstances going touchless is definitely far better for your finish. Quickly blasting water out of crevices and off major surfaces can do a more thorough job than towels. The blast of air forces trapped water out from behind badges, head and taillight surrounds, mirror housings and other hard to reach areas.

So next time you wash your car consider the damage you may be inflicting on the bodywork, that is why a professional car valet is always your best option.

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