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Marque2  Detailing.

Imperfections will develop and build up over a period of time, such as random deep scratches, bird/bug dropping marks, buffer trails, cobwebbing, marring and other fine scratches. These defects are commonly incurred by incorrect hand washing, automated car washes or just lack of care as well as the natural aging process.

Marque2 offers a comprehensive service for the restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your Super Car’s' exterior and interior, providing a professional detailing and paint correction package for élite vehicles.


What Defines a Supercar?

The term supercar refers to factory-built, usually unmodified, street-legal cars a and cut price supercars do not belong in the Super Car category.

A supercar unites speed, handling, unique design, representing the pinnacle of the car manufacturer’s skill. The basic criteria to be considered for measuring whether a car should be: design, acceleration, top speed, handling, power-to-weight ratio, style, rarity, price - all of these elements in a Supercar have to be fabulous.


In our opinion and for detailing purposes we define a supercar as a low volume, high value, high-performance vehicle and in the context of when they were made.


A few of the familiar marques include Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Zonda, Bentley, McLaren, Mercedes SLS/SLR, etc.


Our client list includes: Ferrari F430 Novitech, 488 Spider, 488 GTV, Mclaren 720S, Mclaren 570S, Lambourghini Aventadore SV,  Lamborghini Huracán – Performante,  Porche 911 GTS, and many more.

Our Supercar Detailing Considerations:

  • The styling can often be more intricate than on standard vehicles.

  • Air vents may need covering to protect sensitive areas.

  • The paint may naturally be thinner due to weight saving.

  • The panels may be made of specialist composites or carbon fibre.

  • Less common materials such as magnesium may have been used.

  • Owners are often seeking the best available without compromise.

  • Owners require the utmost discretion when working on their cars.

Why have your supercar detailed by Marque2?

The finish will have a gloss, slickness and level of reflection second to none and will enhance curvature and contour of the vehicle.


The surface and finish will be better protected from UV and contaminants.

Existing swirls, marks and light scratches are usually removed.


Your car is likely to stay cleaner for longer and be easier to valet with our after-care service.

A fully detailed car tends to retain its value.


We will restore any dull or faded paintwork to a condition better that the original factory finish.

Interiors will be cleaned, treated and protected to ensure that they stay looking in top condition for longer.


Our Services

We will inspect your super car and establish which products and procedure best suits the situation to provide a professional better than factory finish to the paintwork.


Marque2 Detailing will also consult with you the aftercare treatment between each detail to keep and maintain your car.


The Marque2 Detailing Strategy:

Pre Wash using a snow foam.

Paintwork washed.

Washing down to removal all contaminants

Dry down with clean Micro fibre cloths.

Wheels and tyres cleaned and treated.

Paintwork decontaminated using a Clay Bar and lubricant to remove any stubborn debris on the paint surface.

We will apply a paintwork cleanser to remove any old wax leaving a mirror finish.

High grade ceramic infused wax hand applied and left to cure then removed using soft cloths.

Interior vacuumed and cleaned.

Leather seats cleaned, conditioned and treated.

Interior glass cleaned.

Exterior glass de-contaminated and water repellent applied.

Metalwork and chrome will be polished and sealed.

A full paintwork correction with LED lights to help identify all imperfections in the paintwork, this process is designed to remove swirl marks and light scratches.


Supercar Full Deluxe Detail

including a Ceramic interior

and exterior finish.

8 hours + from £750.00


  • Wheels washed with PH neutral wheel cleaner.

  • Snow foam wash to all external parts.

  • All window seals min detailed with soft brushes.

  • Fuel flap detailed with soft brushes.

  • Snow foam rinsed.

  • 2 bucket bodywork wash down with PH neutral shampoo.

  • Body work rinse

  • Tar removal to all bodywork and wheels.

  • Complete s full bodywork rinse.

  • Dry down with soft microfiber towels Door shuts clean and dried.

  • We will then dry the vehicle with a non-scratch micro fibre system including the door shuts cleaned.  (only use once then machine washed)

  • The paintwork will be prepped with a clay bar and lubricant to smooth and clean paintwork.

  • (Lubricants are formulated to work with the clay bar and will not impact upon the integrity and cleaning ability of a clay bar.)

  • The penultimate treatment will be a single stage enhancement machine polish to remove marring and minor imperfections in the paintwork.

  • Finally we will apply the Aqua Coat Pro Ceramic coating, a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of your vehicle. A Ceramic Coating does preserve your vehicle’s exterior and reduce ongoing maintenance needs adding value to your vehicle.



  • Dressed and detailed.

  • Seats, carpets and boots vacuumed and shampooed.

  • Dashboard, vents and upholstery (Leather) detailed.

  • Apply Ceramic coating to all external bodywork and wheel faces including exhaust tips.

  • Apply Ceramic coating to ALL the vehicles interior upholstery fabric and fascia to produce a super hydrophobic finish with extreme durability.

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