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Aston Martin Vantage

New 10H Ceramic Coating from Coating farm and Marque2Pro Valeting and Detailing

UK and worldwide 10H Ceramic Coating success....


Marque2 Pro Valeting are the first in the UK and worldwide to apply a new Ceramic Coating witha  5 year 10H certificated hardness to a clients Aston Martin. This ceramic coating is  the most chemical and scratch resistant ceramic on the UK market. Dual layer and cured in 4 hours.


Developed for outside or indoor application with extreme gloss levels, super hydrophobic and super slick to touch and Bird lime resistant.


The Customer's reaction was.....


"Amazed by the slick feel, depth and gloss levels achieved, it made the car colour look different at different angles".

Email or call for a quote:.....


BMW E21 3 Series

It was time to carry out a colour correction to this rather nice BMW E21 that is currently undergoing some restoration work.

With low mileage this car is rapidly becoming a collectors item and one of the original models with single headlamps.

The bodywork was in rather poor condition with significant marring and oxidation. The single layer paintwork requires some rather delicate attention with a single stage colour correction. 


Jaguar F TypeR receives a ceramic application on a wet day.

A stunning Jaguar F Type sports car gets the Marque2pro treatment with a professional single stage paint enhancement followed by a Aqua Pro ceramic application. The process takes at least 6 hours with protection provided from a canopy erected on site.

Take time to watch the Video:

Watch the YouTube video.


Jaguar XJ8 Super V8 with 250 thousand miles on the clock gets the marque2pro paint enhancement treatment

This much loved and well travelled Jaguar XJ8 Super V8 with over 250k miles on the clock gets a foam wash followed by a paint enhancement to remove swirls and blemishes, followed by a superior wax.

Watch the YouTube video.


Q7 gets a much need Full Deluxe valet

This Audi Q7 recieves its first Full Deluxe Full Valet Exterior and Interior Valet from Marque2pro valeting and Detailing. After many years of roadside non-professional cleans the Q7 was brought back to  and almost new condition. For further improvement it would benefit from paint correction to remove swirl marks etc. Watch the YouTube video.


Audi R8 receives a ceramic application.

Ceramic coatings have been gaining in popularity ever since it was introduced. In the modern detailing trend, ceramic coating has been the number one choice for both drivers and detailer's.

Find out more on our Ceramic Protection page.


Re-branding from Aspect to Marque2pro valeting and detailing.

Following our exit from the Aspect Franchise, Mark Ponting has gone out on his own and re-branded to Marque2pro. Check us out on our website:


Jaguar cherished car XJV8 Sport gets a premium wash

Jaguar XJ V8 Sports gets a premium wash to keep it looking cool and elegant.


Go to our Premium wash page


Marque2pro supports the Wiltshire Air Ambulance

We had our first charity event for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and can proudly announce that we raised £498.79.

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