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November 2020 Marque2Pro -Detailing and Valet service

Coating Farm Swindon - Accredited Ceramic Detailer.

The importance of a interior valet.

The inside story on cleaning your cars upholstery and leather seats from Mark Ponting a professional detailer at Marque2pro Valeting and detailing.

The carpets and seats in your car one of the most heavily used parts of your car apart from the engine. Regular usage will result in all manner of dirt and grime being trodden into the carpets and upholstery that in time will cause damage and a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. From new it does not take long for detritus to build up. As time moves on the deposits will build up into the carpet pile, creating problems when it comes to clean and will discolour the fabric. A routine campaign to keep your investment in tip top condition will ensure that minimal damage is done through regular use.

What happens when your carpet or upholstery is dirty?

It is estimated that close to 80 percent of all soil that accumulates on carpets consists of sand and dry particulate matter which is often gritty and abrasive contributing to the carpet wearing out and thus impairing its appearance. If it isn’t removed, loose soil will work its way to the bottom of the pile, then with regular ingress and egress from the car the sharp edges cut against the fibre. If left untended these soil particles can actually cut off fibres at the bottoms. This causes the pile to thin, contributing to obvious wear patterns in the carpet.

After grit, the remainder of the soil in carpets is composed of oils, greases, starches, etc. The contaminants come from the atmosphere, vehicle exhausts and soil on shoes. This type of soil is mostly acidic by nature. For this reason, most carpet cleaning detergents are on the alkaline side of the pH scale. Mild alkaline cleaners along with sufficient detergency, neutralize this acid condition to enhance removal of the contaminants.

Insects and microscopic organisms can further this deterioration by utilizing the dirt and food present in a dirty carpet to live. Rather than simply making a carpet appear clean, it’s important to remove these contaminants from your carpet. This is the only way to safeguard against the damage that dirt, and other contaminants can inflict.

The tremendous reservoir capacity of a carpet means that it contains not only large quantities of dirt but food particles, hairs, and fibres as well. This results in a breeding ground for dust mites, mould, bacteria, etc. We all shed a certain amount of dead skin every day that contributes to the contaminants, this too finds its way to the carpet and upholstery, providing more food for microbes.

Dirt, stains and other imperfections represent the presence of chemicals, particles and other problems that tend to be too small for the eye to see. They start as minor aesthetic problems that tend to drastically worsen as they are ignored.

Dirt, mildew and other deposits can progressively wear the fibres of a carpet until they become shredded and undesirable. Drinks and other liquid-based staining agents can soak deep into the carpet to deteriorate the deepest layers for even more damage.

Cleaning residue in carpets is a major challenge to the wear-ability and appearance of all soft flooring. Cleaner residue can cause rapid re-soiling that will lower the appearance level of many

carpets giving it a dingy, dirty look even if it is actually clean. The most difficult soils to remove are oils, tar, resin, and gum. Those items are sticky and tend to bond, cure or dry on the fibre which cannot be removed by dry vacuuming. These contaminants are the ones that require sufficient moisture, chemicals, and agitation to loosen and remove completely. Also difficult to remove are soils that are extremely small in size, or that contain dye or pigment that acts as a stain agent by actually sinking into the carpet fibre and can become permanent.

Hygiene reasons are an important consideration for keeping tour carpets and upholstery clean. If your car is used to carry pets or if you have children then it’s likely that your car could become a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria within a fairly short period of time, due to food deposits being dropped by children, or from pet hair or other things that may have been picked up by animals before they entered the vehicle. It is therefore in the best interests of the owner to keep their car in a clean and hygienic condition.

Some vehicles will require more frequent levels of cleaning depending upon the level of use.

It is important that your vehicle receives a regular vacuum once or twice a month keeping it deposit free, with a thorough clean once every six months or after any spillages as a routine maintenance programme. Before your upholstery is properly cleaned, it should be thoroughly vacuumed. You should vacuum your upholstery using a crevice tool type attachment allowing for the strongest suction to easily access awkward areas. An upholstery brush can be used to help lift the pile of your carpets and to bring dirt and deposits to the surface to be easily vacuumed up.

We use an appropriate upholstery cleaning product, testing the product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure the product works effectively and has no adverse reactions, especially if you have a particularly delicate type of upholstery.

Depending on how badly soiled your cars upholstery is we may need to use a wet vac extraction machine to penetrate deeply into the surface and effectively extract the dirt. Micro fibre towels should be used to both work the cleaning products into your upholstery and to extract any excess moisture out after cleaning.

We can apply a Coating Farm fabric guard/sealant product after cleaning to ensure that your upholstery is protected against any future spillages or incidents and that it’s made much easier for you to maintain and keep looking clean.

Ceramic Duo Antivirus

  • Kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria

  • Matt finish

  • Kills viruses for up to 3 days.

  • Independently tested with certificate

  • Cleans, protects and Antivirus coating for all interior surfaces.

  • Safe on all plastics and interior surfaces.

Ceramic Duo

  • Interior cleaner and SiO2 dressing

  • Powerful cleaning action

  • Clean plastics, leather and fabric

  • Ready to use formula

  • Safe on all surfaces

  • Matt finish

Leather Shield 60ml


Accredited Detailer Applied only

Leather Shield form Coating Farm Ceramics

Prevents staining from dye and liquids

Stops harmful UV rays from damaging leather

Prevents abrasion by leaving a non sticky ceramic coated surface

Leaves an “as new” look matt finish

1 layer provides 6 months protection

2 layers provides 2 years protection

3 layers provides 5 years protection

Easy application with applicator provided


  • Fabric guard

  • Use on fabric, nubuck, suede, alcantara and mohair

  • Spray on and allow to dry

  • Repels water and grime

  • Protects seats, carpets and mats

  • 300ml Bottle

Marque2pro Valeting and Detailing

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