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Resurrection - 1967 Triumph Herald

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

From this:......

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Marque2 Valeting were introduced to this Triumph Herald a small two-door car that was introduced in 1959 by the Standard-Triumph Company of Coventry and designed by the Italian stylist Michelotti.

This 1147cc edition was launched in 1967 with a 1147cc engine following the Leyland Motors Ltd takeover in 1961. Featuring white rubber bumpers, a a wooden laminate dashboard and improved seating, quality control was also tightened up. Twin carburettors were no longer fitted to any of the range as standard although they remained an option, the standard being a single down-draught Solex carburettor. The clients plan is to get it back on the road once mechanicals have been addressed.

We were asked if we could do something with the car, that’s been sitting under a tree for the past 2 years resulting in significant deterioration in the bodywork that was covered in algae tree sap with the single stage paint, and no lacquer that is very faded (see images). The condition was horrendous and very dull with faded chrome and tree debris in the boot and all the runners. We advised that we could do a paint restoration working through the top paint layer to bring back the gloss and the shine.

The first process, after a foam wash was to machine polish to correct the paint and colour and seal it with a polish. One of the problems we encountered was the water sitting under the trims and badges that was dragged out by the polish and smeared the polish as we applied it so required a re-visit later to address these issues.

The final polish stage sealant with Angel Wax provided extreme gloss and polish. The bodywork has been restored back to an almost factory finish. It is accepted by the client that there are still issues with the bodywork that would require a more substantial restoration and the white bumpers would need replacing as will some of the trim if it’s the owner’s intention to fully restore the Triumph to its factory condition.

The end result was stunning:

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