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Marque2Valeting - February 2020

Protect your interior, interior cleaning from marque2valeting.

Please don’t neglect your car’s interior….

Fighting age and degradation to leather and fabrics.

You may well be spending a great deal of time and money protection your car’s exterior however your car’s interior is also at risk to the same external pollutants and would benefit from additional protection over and above that provided by the manufacturer.


· Improved Resilience

· Hydrophobic Effect

· Wear and tear Resistance

· Resists Spills & Stains

· Keeps Fibres Spotless

Every time your car is used, its interiors are subjected to dirt and contaminants that can damage and stain the fabric and leather surfaces. The seats, carpet and floor mats are especially vulnerable and are nearly impossible to keep clean under normal conditions. It becomes imperative to protect the upholstery against aging and degradation, and one of the best ways to do so is with the help of a protective coating. In our detailing business, we use interior surface protectants manufactured by Coating Farm Ceramics.

Leather Shield

Accredited Detailer Applied only

Prevents staining from dye and liquids

Stops harmful UV rays from damaging leather

Prevents abrasion by leaving a non-sticky ceramic coated surface

Leaves an “as new” look matt finish

1 layer provides 6 months protection

2 layers provides 2 years protection

3 layers provides 5 years protection

Easy application with applicator provided


  1. Fabric guard

  2. Use on fabric, nubuck, suede, alcantara and mohair

  3. Spray on and allow to dry

  4. Repels water and grime

  5. Protects seats, carpets and mats

Febreco from Coating Farm Ceramics is best described as a fabric guard.

It’s special blend of water repellent agents help to keep carpets, mats, suede, alcantara etc clean and fresh.

Simply spray on to the desired area from around 12 inches (do not soak the material).

Leave for 2 – 3 hours to ensure the product has fully dried and cured.

Check out our Ceramic Queen for vehicle interior protection.

Ceramic Duo

  1. Interior cleaner and SiO2 dressing

  2. Powerful cleaning action

  3. Clean plastics, leather and fabric

  4. Ready to use formula

  5. Safe on all surface

  6. Matt finish

Ceramic Duo Interior Cleaner and SiO2 Dressing

Ceramic Queen

  1. All in one product

  2. For paint, glass, leather, plastic, fabric & aluminium.

  3. Used as stand alone or sacrificial layer.125°

  4. Water bead angle.

  5. 6 month protection.

  6. Can be used on fabrics.

  7. Spray and Buff formula

Ceramic Queen is a premium DIY and professional ceramic coating giving 6 months protection.

It can work as a stand alone coating or as a ‘sacrificial’ layer for previously ceramic coated vehicles.

If used as a ‘sacrificial’ layer it increases the bead angle and durability of the existing coating.

Above all, Ceramic Queen is versatile and thus can be used on vehicle interiors.

Materials such as leather, vinyl, wood, acrylics and plastics can all be protected.

7H Hard with easy spray on buff off application.

Can be used as a drying aid. Simply spray on wet surface and buff off.

Check out our Bodyguard Ceramic Coat for 12 months protection.

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