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March - Marque2Valeting Feel the shine

A classic 1983 BMW E21 - 3 series

receives some tender loving care.

This rather elegant BMW E21 3 series was in a sorry state when we arrive, following years of neglect and weathering. The new owner purchased this 1983 a short time ago as a restoration project and wanted some specialist colour correction carried out to remove significant marring and oxidation.

For some time now Jason, current owner, had been looking for a BMW E21 with the single headlamps Ideally in Black. The two door Coupe was bought about 18 months ago when this one came up and so he just had to buy it. It had 38000 miles on the clock so was low mileage and it ran a drove and reasonably well however as with all old cars you soon discover more and more issues. As I drove it back taking about 3 hours it cut out three times on me and he questioned "what have I have bought" as it cut out on several occasions. It took about 3 1/2 hours to get it back leaving at 10 at night arriving home about 1 in the morning. It was December and the heating did not work in the car with -2 degrees centigrade outside.

The body work was in need of some TLC.

So far Jason has fitted a Weber carburettor with a manual choke, apparently the reason it was cutting out was because of the BMW system it had on there. He discovered a leak coming from the car so took out all the interior and has purchased a new interior to go into it, his friends will help him fit it plus a few trims. He plans on getting the interior trimmed with red leather seats inside and is going to fit a black suede headlining and black carpets.

He does not want a respray as it his intention to keep it as original as possible however the bodywork was in serious need of some tender loving care due to years of abuse and neglect. He contacted Mark and Marque2pro to do a colour correction and try to keep it as original on the outside as possible. Jason will also do a few bits inside and make sure it is running well and it's his intention to try to use it as often as possible. This is going to be a fairly long time project and so far has taken longer than he would have liked. Getting it to this stage is only what funds will allow, Jason states that he would rather do it well as opposed to badly.

The paint on this series BMW is only a single coat layer, with no lacquer coat so I will carry out a single stage paint correction after doing a small test piece. The years have taken its toll on this beauty with it's old paint condition very misty and cloudy plus a lot of marring, I therefore need to bring it back as close to the original and give it some depth and gloss. As it only has a single layer paint finish I will never be able to get it back to show room condition given that there are some areas of rust bubbling through.

As its a black car I erected the tent to mask the sun and also provide a little wind protection followed by the high foaming detergent Bilt Hamber snow foam wash removing most of the road grime and dirt, before actually having to come in to contact with the vehicle. Non contact with the bodywork reduces the risk of adding additional fine scratches and swirls, and allows me to get an active cleaning solution into gaps and crevices that are hard and sometimes impossible to reach with a wash mitt.

A Snow foam carries even more benefits, it is used to clean wheels regularly that are lightly dirty, wheel arches, engine bays and other areas that require a pre-soak to break down dirt and contamination. This was then followed by a low pressure wash after the Auto Foam has done its job. Next I carried out a microfiber mitt wash where the microfiber twists retain dust and dirt with scratching the bodywork.

The car received another low pressure wash to remove the PH neutral shampoo before I started the clay bar procedure.

I masked up for the rubbers around the windscreen because they are old I did not want do any damage with the machine polisher. There are fundamentally only two ways to polish the paintwork of your vehicle; either by hand or with the use of a

machine. Machine polishing utilizes the movement of the head of the machine to thoroughly work the product into the paintwork.

Following from the machine correction we applied a "Jayswax" ceramic wax to bring out the shine on this black beauty.

The client was blown away by the transformation and had brought back a dull paintwork to a deep gloss lustre.

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