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Ceramic coatings to Automobiles

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Automobiles & Vehicles

Compare to other industries, the ceramic coating for automotive industry is one of the most sophisticated. Unlike raw materials or buildings, cars move around and are exposed to many different pollution elements.  It also goes through numerous car washes using strong chemicals. Lastly, automotive is made with many different materials including metal, plastic, aluminium, tyres, glass, textile and leather. 

There are many institutes and labs that are into ceramic coating technology, but do not have the technologies for automotive. In CNS, we have the world’s latest Nano-Ceramic Coating Technologies for automotive and are the first ones in the world to develop the world’s first authentic DIY Nano-Ceramic Coatings.

Our range of Nano-ceramic coatings are 9H verified

and SGS. We use products that are single coatings to products that are multi-layers.



Problems with the existing ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings have been gaining in popularity ever since it was introduced. In the modern detailing trend, ceramic coating has been number one choice for both drivers and detailer's. But there are some downsides to ceramic coatings. The average service price of ceramic coatings are expensive compared to other detailing services and only professional detailer's who have been trained should apply ceramic coatings. If ceramic coatings are applied in a incorrect method or amount, non-removable stains can form, that is why it is impossible for ordinary drivers to apply ceramic coatings on their own. Marque2pro specialise in the application of Ceramic coatings. Current ceramic coatings in the market take many hours to cure, and therefore for multi-layer coatings it takes average of 18 hours to complete a service.

CNS TECH’s Solution

In order to come up with solutions to current problems in the market, we have been doing endless research and development for years and finally came up with a solution. The current ceramic products in the market are just mere quick-detailing products or sealants. CNS TECH came up with a new technology that enabled elimination of non-removable stains, and fast curing time.

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