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Luxury Car Air Fresheners 

Our mission is to fill your car with unique luxury scents that are long lasting and powerful. We bring you the best scents that are inspired by your favourite high street fragrances. Just have a look at our selection and we're confident that you'll find one you'll love. We have multiple options for car air fresheners on our website.


£9.99 each


Classic Collection

Ouds Collection

Cruise Collection

Apex Collection

What makes Venture Scents car air fresheners so special?

Having your car clean and looking fresh is one thing…. to then have it smelling like your favourite designer perfume/aftershave is just taking it to another level!

We use our own unique blend of high quality oils to produce every single item in our store.

Our blends are unique to us and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Quality before price is our ethos. We give you the best even if it costs us more. 

Our secret formulations have been tried and tested by us and many customers. You can see all of our reviews on our instagram page @venturescents

How long do the car air fresheners last?

Anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Some customers have reported even longer than this!

It all depends on how frequently you 'use' the product.

As you can see from the instructions page here, it really depends on how often you carry out step number 6.

It also depends on how strong your particular car scent is. Some scents are naturally stronger than others and may require less tipping over time.

How do the car sprays work?

The Venture Scents car sprays are used when you quickly want to freshen up your car. 
They are very strong so a little goes a long way!

2-3 sprays are all that is needed on the front carpets of your car. More if required.

This instantly gives your car a fresh aroma, perfect for wet and damp days.

Each 10ml bottle contains approximately 120-140 sprays.

Luxury Car Air Sprays

£6.99 each


Classic Collection


Ouds Collection


Cruise Collection


Apex Collection

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